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Online Spanish classes from Valladolid, Spain


I am Mónica García Lorente,

online Spanish teacher.

I am a graduate in Spanish philology, with additional studies in German philology and in art history, and have more than 20 years of experience in the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language.

I teach Spanish from Valladolid, in the heart of Castilla y León. The Spanish that is spoken here is clear and is free of any regional accent, making it the most standardized form. You will appreciate it.

Online lessons allow for great flexibility and can be adapted to your schedule, needs, and level. What are your goals?

Proper phonetics are important for one to be understood properly. I will teach you how to pronounce properly with attention to pronunciation, intonation, and accent reduction.

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... In ihrer Lehrmethodik steht vor allem das Sprechen der spanischen Sprache im Vordergrund. Sie ist sehr aufmerksam und gibt dadurch immer Verbesserungsvorschläge und Korrekturen an den Studenten weiter.
Ihr Unterricht ist sehr organisiert durch die Online-Platform Google-Classroom, wo sie die Notizen der jeweiligen Unterrichtsstunde bereit stellt sowie Übungen oder Lernvideos zur Verfügung stellt zum gezielten Training der spanischen Grammatik - in den Gebieten wo man Verbesserungspotenzial während des Unterrichts gezeigt hat. Sehr positiv fand ich auch, dass Mónica meine Texte korrigiert und kommentiert hat.
Ich habe mich mit Mónica zusammen auf meine spanische mündliche und schriftliche Klausur im Rahmen meines Hochschulstudiums vorbereitet und beide bestanden 🙂

VanessaMunich, Deutschland

I have studied Spanish several months with Monica and I am very grateful for her instruction. I have improved my knowledge of the language rapidly. I've really enjoyed her communicative method, it isn't easy to speak a foreign language, but she always encourages me to speak in Spanish with her supportive words. If you want to learn this international language well, then I recommend that you put yourself in contact with this marvelous professor, I am sure that you will enjoy her clases.

ShawnLos Angeles, USA.

-Forthcoming, close and profesional are some of the adjectives that could describe Mónica. She also enriches the lesson thanks to her personal knowledge of the German culture, traditions and phonetics, which is extremely important while learning a new language. Besides, each lesson is organised thoroughly without ignoring the unavoidable improvisation that comes with working with different individuals.

InésValladolid, España. Clases de alemán.

Se nota inmediatamente que Monica posee una educación general excepcional. Es capaz de mantener competentemente conversaciones en diferentes temas sin preparación. Adapta sus clases individualmente al nivel del conocimiento de sus alumnos, a veces no corrige errores directamente para no interrumpir demasiado la fluidez del discurso, pero corrige implacablemente errores relevantes o repetidos. Incluso con un bajo número de horas por semana, con Monica se hacen progresos rápidos en cuanto a la gramática y la conversación.

ManfredSaarbrücken, Deutschland

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