By speaking we learn to understand one another. We practice this skill using dialogues, narrations, speeches, ….  Throughout, careful attention will be given to the correction of pronunciation and intonation. We will work together to eliminate any and all fears that you might have of speaking properly in Spanish!


The classes are personalized so that you will be able to fully take advantage of the time. All the time with your professor is focused solely on your needs, allowing you to advance more quickly.


Another advantage is that the topics are chosen in accordance with your interests and level. You can use your own materials or materials provided by the professor, or both if you’d like.



The classes are very flexible and slowly develop as you and the professor are together, but of course you can always decide how you want the class to progress. Generally speaking, the classes will have the following structure based on level:

  • Greeting: Chance to speak about what you are currently doing, how you have been, and any new developments in your life.
  • Answering your questions about homework assignments or any other question that you might have.
  • We cover a new topic using various media: audio, video, and written.
  • We quickly review what we have just covered.
  • Homework is assigned (if and only if you are able to dedicate time outside of the class, not everyone has available time)
  • Farewell and scheduling of the subsequent class.

Now you have it! The protocol of the classes in the Virtual Classroom. (Moodle)